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A wash plant is a piece of equipment used to wash desirable grains off gravel and rocks, and then to wash down the grains to acquire black sand and heavy mineral bits.


Various forms of wash plants are shown on the show, including the Dakota Boys' D-Rocker wash plant, Todd Hoffman's Turbo Trommel trommel-based wash plant arriving in season 3 for Quartz Creek Claim, Dave Turin's Big Red shaker-based wash plant arriving in season 3 for Indian River Claim, Little Blue - the old shaker-based plant used at Quartz Creek Claim during season 2, and the old trommel-based wash plants at Jim Nail Placer Mine and Big Nugget Mine.

The Spanish term is "lavador". However Todd Hoffman uses this to name his diamond wash plant.

The sluices/sluicebox are primitve washplants that are now used as parts of other washplants.

The diamond jig is a washplant used as a partial washplant, to process gravel to find diamonds. fucken big ol' decks


Wash plant color basis claim season
prospecting mobile washplant metallic sluice box Oregon season 6
Double Trouble rust double-parallel-trommels Sacremento Creek Claim season 7
Rusty Red Beige&Rust shaker Fairplay Claim season 7
Sluicifer Dark red shaker-suicebox  Macon Industries SD-600m. Scribner Creek Claim season 7
Fort Knox dark green sluicebox McKinnon Creek Claim season 6
Goldzilla green sluicebox Scribner Creek Claim season 6
Monster Red red hopper feeder-shaker-sluice box McKinnon Creek Claim season 5
Turbo Trommel blue trommel Quartz Creek Claim season 3
Big Red red shaker-sluice box Indian River Claim
Scribner Creek Claim
season 3
season 4+
Little Blue blue shaker-hydraulic riffles Quartz Creek Claim
Scribner Creek Claim
season 2-3
season 4
John Schnabel washplant green trommel-sluice box Big Nugget Mine season 1+
Porcupine Creek derocker yellow roller deck-sluice box Jim Nail Placer Mine season 2-4
James Harness washplant grey trommel-sluice box Jim Nail Placer Mine season 1
Klondike Trail Rockerbox wood rocker box Perseverance Claim, on the Yukon River on the way to Dawson from Bennett Lake on the Klondike Trail, near Minto, Yukon Gold Rush: Parker's Trail
Little Fred wood punchplate-sluice box Chipana Beach‎ Gold Rush: South America
Little Red red octagon trommel Q.O.D. Claim
(Patience Creek Cut
/ Hope Creek Cut)
McKinnon Creek Claim
season 4

season 5
Lavador yellow Lavador Q.O.D. Claim
(Redemption Creek Cut)
season 4
Hoffman Diamond Jig yellow Diamond Jig Q.O.D. Claim
(Patience Creek Cut / Hope Creek Cut)
season 4
Cahoon Creek washplant green Mountain Wash Plant Cahoon Creek Claim season 4
Carmacks derocker ? derocker shaker-sluice box Carmacks claim season 5+
McKinnon Creek old washplant beige-white-yellow hopper feeder-trommel McKinnon Creek Claim season 5
Paradise Hill washplant primer-red trommel Paradise Hill Claim season 3+
Big Blue Favron Enterprise largest single piece washplant in the Yukon 2-man portable in the Klondike none
Portable washplant commercial product integrated unit bought by prospectors for prospecting small evaluation paydirt everywhere all
Portable sluice metal small sluice box to lay in the way of water, used to preprocess dirt prior to panning everywere
Gold pan pan manual panning to wash paydirt everywhere all

Parts of washplants

Types of washplant

Push-in box
The most simple type of large washplant, a set of sluiceboxes placed on an angle, with a mouth where paydirt is pushed into it, and waterjets to wash it down the slope