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"The Jungle" is a special of Gold Rush that aired between Seasons 2 and 3, as part of Gold Rush: The Jungle summer season. It originally aired on August 17, 2012, during the Discovery Channel's annual Shark Week.


During the harsh winter on the Klondike, Todd receives a "hot tip" of great mining in Guyana, South America. So Todd, Jack, and Dave head down. Accompanied by mining expert Fred Dunn, they discover issues when the claim they were promised is not owned by the man that gave it to them, forcing them to leave. Refusing to give up, Todd is able to find a virgin claim that they can pan in to test the gold.

After going through rapids and a large jungle, they are able to find the claim, and on inspection of one acre, they discover their is sufficient gold, but it would cost a near fortune just to get equipment back there. They all head back to Oregon to tell the rest of the crew what it was like.

In "The Jungle" aftershow, Todd reveals that he would like to have a year-round mine in Guyana, if the Klondike can produce enough gold to fund it.


Not So Virgin Ground Gold Rush - The Jungle

Not So Virgin Ground Gold Rush - The Jungle

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