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Season 5 (2014-2015) features: a new crew added to the schedule, run by Fred Dodge with Derek Dodge and Dave Turin; Tony Beets will become a regular instead of a guest, and runs a river dredge boat; Parker Schnabel returns to the Klondike to get enough gold to buy a claim;

The Dakota Boys pulled out prior to filming season 5, over creative differences, to pursue their own show, All That Glitters.


At the start of the season: Tony Beets plans to move his dredge to the Eureka Creek Claim and start dredging; Todd Hoffman plans for a 1000-oz season; Parker Schnabel plans for a 2000-oz season; the Dodge Crew plans to have a profitable season.

By the end of the season, for the first time ever, all teams meet their goals. The Beets Crew get the Viking Dredge up and running. The Parker Crew mines enough gold to enable Parker to buy a new claim for season 6 instead of licensing a claim. The Dodge Crew obtains enough gold to make a profit. The Hoffman Crew mines enough gold to make a profit and secure a lease for the next season.


# Title Original airdate
1 "New Blood" 17 October 2014
Tony Beets buys a large floating industrial dredge located on Clear Creek. The Dodge Crew mines the Carmacks claim, the first time its been aired in the TV season. The Parker Crew returns to the Scribner Creek Claim. The Hoffman Crew disbands after not having a claim to mine for season 5. Todd Hoffman and Jack Hoffman go north to try and find a claim for season 5, securing the McKinnon Creek Claim.
2 "From the Ashes" 24 October 2014
3 "Golden Boy" 31 October 2014
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5 "[[]]"
6 "[[]]"
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8 "Gold Blooded" 10 December 2014
This episode covers events that happened in July 2014. The Parker Crew moves Big Red from the Swamp Cut to the Far Cut at Scribner Creek Claim. The Hoffman Crew assembles Monster Red at McKinnon Creek Claim. The Beets Crew disassembles the trommel and bucket chain from the Viking Dredge at Clear Creek. Reveals that James Harness has died in July 2014.
9 "[[]]"
Gold Rush: The Dirt
# Title Original airdate
1 "Parker's Plan" 24 October 2014
The McKinnon Creek Claim miners' camp was abandoned in the last mining season, leaving kitchenwares and clothing in place.

We find out the Viking Dredge was refurbished in the 1980s, and was shutdown because it wasn't profitable at the end of the 80s due to low gold prices. Paradise Hill is Tony Beets' claim is revealed. It contains a junkyard. Tony uses a 20-year-old trommel with 6-inch baffles. Tony has 4 children, 3 of them miners.

2 "Meet the Beets" 14 November 2014
Profiles the Beets Family, Paradise Hill claim mine, Beets Crew.
Gold Rush: Pay Dirt
# Title Original airdate
1 "From the Ashes" 31 October 2014
Extended edition of the regular episode "From the Ashes", with additional commentary, additional features, extended segments, extra segments, fact bubbles, tweets and replies
2 "[[]]"
# Title Original airdate
1 "[[]]"
2 "[[]]"