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Season 4 (2014) is projected to involve Alaska (Dakota Boys) at the Cahoon Creek Claim on Cahoon Creek , the Klondike (Parker Crew) at the Scrivener Creek Claim on Scrivener Creek, Q.O.D. Claim on Maple Creek paleochannel in Guyana, South America (Hoffman Crew). The season is preceded by Gold Rush: South America summer series, and the preseason special Gold Rush: The Frozen North.


# Title Original airdate
1 "Queen Of Diamonds" 2013 October 25
Season premiere, two hour special; the three crews: Hoffman Crew, Dakota Boys, Parker Crew; attempt to reach their claims. The Dakota Boys are back to Porcupine Creek Claim for one last try at the gloryhole. Parker Schnabel is trucking equipment to the Scribner Creek Claim. Parker finds little gold in the test drill holes, following up the initial survey, that had found good gold. The Hoffman Crew minus people afraid of jungle diseases and dropping dead of them, move their equipment from the seaport of Georgetown to their claim. The Hoffmans discover that the area around their Q.O.D. Claim contains diamond in same paydirt as the gold-bearing material.
2 "Learning Curve" 2013 November 1
The good ground found on the Q.O.D. Claim was claimjumped and mined out while the Hoffman Crew were preparing to go to Guyana. This is the area on the claim that when they initially surveyed it was being mined illegally already, by some claimjumpers. Parker gets advice from Tony Beets, to prospect on an old creek channel, where Parker finds a minable content level of gold. Parker goes finding people experienced in the Klondike as all of his crew is from Alaska, and are not experienced with permafrost, so stripping overburden inefficiently. He recruits Greg Remsburg. The Dakota Boys start draining the water out of the gloryhole. To do better surveying, the Hoffmans acquire Off-road motorcycles. They find a creek with an anticipated $30/yd. Greg advises Parker on how to remove overburden, and gets them to gravel paydirt quickly. The Hoffmans move Little Red to Patience Creek on the QOD.
3 "In Too Deep" 2013 November 8
Steve Robbins is hired by Parker Schnabel to recondition Little Blue at Scribner Creek Claim. Greg Remsburg dumps the concentrate from the sluice boxes, losing all the gold. The Dakota Boys hire a drill rig to find bedrock at the gloryhole at the Jim Nail Placer Mine, but the drill rig is unable to function well in the hole, so they are unable to determine how deep the hole goes. The Hoffman Crew move their final equipment to their Q.O.D. Claim, including a rock truck, excavator and some containers, including tools.
4 "Road from Hell" 2013 November 15
5 "Garnets or Gold" 2013 November 22
6 "Mutiny" 2013 November 29
7 "Paid in full" 2013 December 6
8 "Jungle Boogie" 2013 December 13
9 "Ready to Roll" 2013 December 20
10 " Hope Creek" 2014 December 27
11 " Blowout" 2014 January 3
12 "Death of a Dream" 2014 January 10
13 "Resurrection" 2014 January 17
14 " Fantasyland" 2014 January 24
15 "Medevac" 2014 January 31
16 "Man on Wire" 2014 February 14
17 "Day of Reckoning" 2014 February 21
18 "Go Big or Go Home" 2014 February 28
Gold Rush: The Dirt
# Title Original airdate
0 " New Ground" 2013 October 25
Preview of season 4, with behind the scenes footage and interviews. It reveals that mining at Cahoon Creek Claim requires rock crushers, to mine surface rocks, and it is not a placer mining deposit.
1 "Jungle Crib" 2013 November 8
2 "Klondike Shuffle" 2013 November 22
3 "Santa Todd" 2013 December 13
4 "Naked Miners" 2013 December 20
5 "Klondike Klash" 2013 December 27
6 "Claim Secrets" 2014 January 3
7 " Klondike" 2014 January 10
8 "Freddy's Gold" 2014 February 14
9 "True Bromance" 2014 February 21
Gold Rush: Pay Dirt
# Title Original airdate
"Parker's Take" 2014 August 20
A repeat of "Go Big or Go Home" and "Grandpa's Last Wish" with additional commentary by Parker, and preview of season 5
# Title Original airdate
-1 "Gold Rush: Million Dollar Season" 2013 October 11
Pre-season special. A review of season 3, covering all the events of season 3 in sequential order.
0 "Southern Quest" 2013 October 18
Pre-season premiere, the Hoffman Crew are in Guyana, the Dakota Boys are at Cahoon Creek in Alaska, Parker Schnabel is with Tony Beets at Scribner Creek in the Klondike. This episode summarizes the events in Gold Rush: South America, and sets up season 4's exploits.
19 "Grandpa's Last Wish" 2014 March 7
Parker Schnabel returns home to help grandpa John Schnabel mine out Smith Creek Hill on the Big Nugget Mine with his brother Payson Schnabel.
20 "Day of Reckoning" 2014 March 14
Season 4 in review with miners' interviews


  • In Alaska, the crew stayed at Eagle Bluff
  • In the Yukon, the crew stayed with the Parker Crew in mobile housing units rented from Tony Beets at Tony Beets' claim
  • In Guyana, the crew stayed with the Hoffman Crew in their jungle cabin