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"Revelations" is the 5th special of Gold Rush. It originally aired March 2, 2012, a week after the season finale, "Judgment Day" airs.


After the end of the season, the Hoffman Crew and Parker Schnabel sit down with the cameras to reveal things that happened off-air, personal struggles, and the plans for the future. Among the things revealed include Parker's war with the production crew, Jack Hoffman's morphine addiction and back problems, and how Parker is still digging up gold in the dead of winter for next season.

Three months later, back in Sandy, Oregon, Jack Hoffman goes through risky surgery to fix his back. Then, the entire Hoffman Crew gathers and discusses what the plans are for the next year, and what has to change. The entire crew decides to fire James Harness, due to his absences and because Harness did not seem dedicated.