Gold Rush Wiki

The Q.O.D. Claim lines on the Maple Creek paleochannel, a paleochannel of Maple Creek, about the intersection of the paleochannel with Q.O.D. Creek. It is 15-miles from the Maple Creek Claim. This claim was owned by Ed Hopkinson until he sold it to Tony MacDeCee. The nearest town to the claim is Mahdia. The claim is 1.5 miles inland from the Potaro River. The crew stayed at their jungle cabin, 316 Mining.

The Hoffman Crew lease this claim from Tony for season 4. Their initial good ground at the Q.O.D. Cut was jumped by illegal miners, so they move on to Patience Creek, still on the claim. The cut at Patience Creek turns out to be tailings of previous miners and not virgin ground. They later find diamonds on the Redemption Creek also on the claim. While building a road from the Patience Creek Cut where Little Red washplant is set up, to the Redemption Creek Cut where the Hoffman Lavador is processing diamonds in order to move paydirt to find fine gold through Little Red, Dave Turin finds virgin ground in a small creek, Hope Creek, that blocks the path, and opens up Hope Creek Cut to start jungle gold mining, moving paydirt back to Patience Creek. The Hope Creek Cut is 2 miles from Redemption Creek Cut.

On the Q.O.D. Claim and near the jungle base camp, is a short uncertified and abandoned jungle airstrip. It was used in season 4 to fly in medevac plane 8R-CNK, a high-wing Cessna, when Mike Needham was unable to treat Brian's injuries from a motodirtbike crash.

The Hoffman Crew are kicked off the claim by the claim owner, after the Hoffmans fail to return gold or diamonds in their 5-months of mining efforts, at the end of season 4.