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Season 3.5
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"Peruvian Gold" is the first episode of Gold Rush: South America. It originally aired on August 2, 2013 right after "The Dirt".


Trying to mine during the Klondike winter, Todd, Jack, Dave Turin, and Fred Dodge head to Peru to mine for gold.

The first mine they go to, near La Rinconada, downslope from a hardrock gold mine, at the coopoerative Limata Mine shows good gold. The Hoffmans are able to score a claim after helping the locals out. They convince the cooperative board to given them a license. However, on the way back to the hotel, a dangerous bus crash convinces the Hoffmans that the access road to the mine is too dangerous, and they move on.

At the Madre de Dios area, they go prospecting. The claim contains nearly six times the gold as they had at the Klondike. As they prepare to finalize, some other locals threaten the Americans to leave the local land. They decide the gold is not worth dying over, so they head out to Chile, where Todd has people lined up to talk to.


A film crew truck crashes into a stream on their way to the claim at Madre de Dios, and Dave Turin rescues a film crew member, the soundman Martin, trapped in the truck. This is detailed in the aftershow, The Ends of the Earth.