The Paradise Hill claim is located at Paradise Hill, in the Klondike region of the Yukon in Canada. It is a mining claim owned by Tony Beets, where the Beets Crew operates. The claim is one of the most successful in the Klondike. By the time that Gold Rush starts interacting with the Beets family, they have been mining the claim for a quarter century.

The claim is 20-mi north of McKinnon Creek Claim


Main article: Paradise Hill washplant

On the claim, the washplant is a 20-year-old trommel with 6-inch baffles. It is red primer colored.


Tony keeps a junkyard on his claim, with his old equipment, for use in spare parts. He keeps buying the same models, so as to have interoperability and spares.


Paradise Hill has

By season

Season 5

In season 5, Paradise Hill Claim becomes a semiregular part of the show. Tony bought a dredge in the offseason, and in season 5, is disassembling and moving his dredge from Clear Creek to Paradise Hill. The dredge is located 150-mi, a 3-hr drive away. In order to ease the commute between Paradise Hill and Clear Creek, Tony wants to use his plane, C-GFER, for 20-min flights, but it is expensive to operate. Tony's plane and pilot are based out of Dawson Airport.

Season 6

In season 6. Mike Beets became supervisor.

Season 7

In season 7, Mike Beets was supervisor

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