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For the washplant at Indian River and Scribner Creek, see Big Red.
For the washplant at Q.O.D. Creek and McKinnon Creek, see Little Red.
For the Klondike drill rig, see Little Red Mama.

Monster Red is the a washplant; it is a 50t 300yd/hr shaker-based washplant from MSI, using 3000 ga/min. The Hoffman Crew acquired it for McKinnon Creek Claim in season 5 from Fred Dodge, when they found that Little Red was not processing enough paydirt, for 100-oz gold downpayment and 200-oz gold at end of season, total of 300-oz. It took 4 days to assemble.

By season

As of season 5, it is the largest washplant the Hoffman Crew has used.

In season 7, it was moved to Oregon to work on the Buckland Claim.



  • superstacker - rotating stacker that piles tailings into a circular berm