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Mitch Blascke

Mitch Blaschke


Car Body Shop Mechanic, Equipment Sales
Eagle Creek, Oregon


Mitch Blatsche is the Hoffman crew's mechanic who is responsible for fixing the team's equipment. Mitch first met Todd seven years ago when Todd bought some new equipment in town and Mitch, working at the local towing business, hauled it up to the airport. The towing business was part of a collision repair shop, and in a coincidence he met Jack there when he came in after his truck was rear ended. When Todd and Jack came into the shop and announced they were going gold mining, Mitch drove Jack’s legendary 400 they recently purchased to the airport and went through all the controls with them, and the relationship grew from there.[1]

By season

Season 3

Joining the Hoffman crew on season 3, Mitch quickly made himself useful to the team. He participates as mechanic at the Quartz Creek Claim.

In one episode, Mitch hooked up Jack’s 400 to the hopper feeder when the plant’s hydraulic pump failed. Mitch noted, “That was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.” It was a genuine “bush fix” and Mitch really adapted to that mindset as the season progressed. Since he couldn’t buy parts he had to work with what he had.[1]

Season 4

Mitch serves as mechanic in Guyana at the Q.O.D. Claim on the Hoffman Crew.

Season 5

Mitch joins the Parker Crew at Scribner Creek Claim under Parker Schnabel and his foreman Gene Cheeseman, as their mechanic.


  • When he’s not working at the mine he loves snowmobiling, dirt-bikes, quads, kart racing – anything with a motor.
  • Mitch is often seen on Gold Rush driving around a truck with a buzzard logo.