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For the Klondike drill rig, see Little Red Mama.
For the big washplant at McKinnon Creek, see Monster Red.
For the big washplant at Indian River and Scribner Creek, see Big Red.
For the old washplant at Scribner Creek, see Little Blue.

Little Red is a wash plant specialized to handle the sandy soils that exist there. It uses an octagonal trommel and was designed by Fred Dodge, built by MSI, costing some $300,000, and weighing 23t. It can handle 100yd/hr, using 750ga/min.

It was used in season 4 for the Guyanese jungle. Little Red was built in Denver, Colorado, packed off to Miami, Florida, and shipped to Georgetown, Guyana, to be trucked to the Mahdia site QOD Claim.

It was modified to add a 20-year old diamond jig to be able to process the tailings from the Hope Creek Cut and obtain diamonds, after everything passes through the sluices, at its siting at Patience Creek Cut.

In season 5, it was trucked from Colorado to the Klondike, Yukon, Canada, for use on the McKinnon Creek Claim. Due to its inability to run more than 100 yards an hour, the Hoffmans replaced it with Monster Red,in order to get more gold.