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For the washplant in Guyana, see Little Red.

Little Blue is an old shaker-style wash plant. It was sitting out and unused for several seasons, before the Hoffman Crew bought it in desperation in season 2.

By season

Season 2

The Hoffmans used it in season 2 at the Quartz Creek Claim. The original hydraulic riffles did not work when the Hoffmans used it, so they switched to a sluicebox for the concentrate with regular riffles. Todd names the old washplant "Little Blue" in honor of Big Blue, the legendary Favron Enterprises washplant.

Season 3

In season 3, Todd Hoffman decided to sell the wash plant, as it was inefficient, and he had bought a new custom trommel-based wash plant, the Turbo Trommel.

Season 4

In season 4, Parker Schnabel buys Little Blue for the Scribner Creek Claim. Little Blue is some 40 years old. Little Blue is refurbished by Klondike washplant expert Steve Robbins. Parker discovered that the regular riffles were packing full of garnet, making the gold exit the end of the sluice, so with the Viking's suggestion, he replaced the regular riffles with hydraulic riffles, which enabled the gold to sink and the garnet to top over the gold in the riffle zone. The hydraulic riffles requires filtered cleaned water, so a water filter was added to pump water into the hydraulic riffles. When Parker pushes Little Blue beyond its limits, to run 100yd/hr in season 4, the washplant shakes itself apart, shearing its shaker drive shaft in two. When Fred Dodge inspects the plant, not only is the shaft broken, but the deck plants and sides are also worn out, and in need or replacement. Fred Dodge offers to rent Big Red to replace Little Blue. Big Red can run twice as much yardage as Little Blue, using a sluice box that's twice as heavy, and twice as long, being 40-ft versus 20-ft.

Season 5

Little Blue sits unused at Scribner looking for someone to buy it. It is bought by rookie miners looking for old equipment to start their new mining venture.