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"Leprechaun Gold" is the ninth episode of Season 3, and the 35th overall. It originally aired on January 4, 2012.


With season over half way over, Todd Hoffman and his crew work to get his trommel running. First, Dave Turin realizes his cut is running out of land. Todd then talks to Greg the claim owner about having the upper portion of the cut that he was using for himself. After a discussion, Greg gives Todd the upper portion and gives him the drilling charts. Dave takes this info and finishes up the lower portion. In the weekly clean out, he is able to get 55 oz of gold. Meanwhile, Todd returns home for personal business, and leaves Jack Hoffman in charge. While in charge, Ray, the creator of the trommel, returns with a new and bigger motor. After barely getting the old motor out and new one in, the trommel is finally running. After running some dirt, they discover the wash plant is fully operational and finally begin to run on Quartz Creek.

In Porcupine Creek, "Dakota" Fred and Dustin Hurt have a disagreement over how to mine the glory hole. Fred wants to dig straight down, while Dustin wants to dig down and out. To help them agree with him, Fred tells them how on a similar waterfall not far away, miners 100 years ago found 4500 oz at the bottom of it, worth $7 million. Dustin and Melody visit the waterfall, and see similarities in the creek and falls and agree to follow Fred's lead and find 20 oz.

With John Schnabel out of surgery fine, Parker Schnabel visits him in the hospital, and tells him the bad news that Smith Creek Hill is too deep to bedrock. John is disappointed but is cheered back up when Parker tells him that he will dig Emerson Trench for gold. He digs a test hole that reveals it is only 26 ft deep, which is doable in the rest of the season.