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Kevin Hiatt is a miner on Gold Rush. He has been a member of the Hoffman Crew. He joined the crew and the show in Season 3, mining in the Klondike.

By season

Before the show

Prior to joining the Hoffman Crew, Kevin was struggling in his marriage, as a father and at work as an apprentice lineman. Feeling depressed and not caring whether He lived or died, Kevin turned to Jesus and not until then, his life started to change for the better. Kevin prayed for a major change in his life and shortly after, Todd Hoffman reached out to Kevin and offered him a position on his team, which he accepted. This was going to be a whole new experience since he knew nothing about gold mining.

Season 3

Season 4

Kevin's second season mining with the Hoffmans, TV season 4, was a bust and he returned home empty handed from Guyana and was forced to take two jobs just to support his family. Kevin felt his like his mining days were behind him.

Season 5

He was convinced to return to help mine McKinnon Creek in TV season 5. It turned out to be the right decision with McKinnon paying out more gold last season than ever before.

Kevin's marriage is now stronger than it has ever been. His family is now number one in his life and this season, he's expecting another baby. He's relying on Todd Hoffman to provide the gold so he can support his family.