"Judgment Day"
Air Date February 24, 2012
Season 2
Episode 26
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"Frozen Out"
"Revelations (Special)"
"I want to go out of here like a pro...I want to go out of here like a King"
—Todd Hoffman (quote used in promo only)

"Judgment Day" is the 16th episode of Season 2 and the 26th overall. It is also the Season Finale. It is set to air on February 24, 2012.


In the final days of the season, the crews get all the gold they can before everything freezes over. The Hoffman Crew attempts to break the permafrost, but it ends in breaking the D8 Dozer, making Todd Hoffman call it quits. However, Jack Hoffman refused to give up, and was able to get a few hundred yards of dirt.

"Dakota" Fred, close to millions of gold, attempts to run all night to reach a final pay streak. Unfortunately, their pump breaks down, and they have to call quits.

In order to see if the mine can run next year, Parker Schnabel digs Smith Creek Hill to the end to see if gold even there.

Final Counts and Future

The Hoffman Crew was unable to reach 100oz like they wanted, but did reach 93.5oz (roughly 5oz to each member after debts are paid). Todd vows to get 1000oz next year.

Fred ends with just over 80oz and ponders his future with his savings and house gone, but does have a profit.

Parker discovers good gold in the hill, and John Schnabel decides to fund the digging for next year. He already had 32oz of gold.