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The Jim Nail Placer Mine is the mine at Porcupine Creek mined by the Hoffman Group during their first season in Alaska and used by the Dakota Boys after they lost their lease. The mine is on a chunk of land on the creek owned by Earle Foster. During the first season, the Hoffmans dug down deep to find gold at a glory hole deep underneath. During the second season, "Dakota" Fred plans to still use the glory hole, but plans to dig out, not in.

During the time of the show, the Porcupine Creek Claim gloryhole cut was run by the Hoffmans and then the Dakota Boys for seasons 1-4. In season 4, the Dakota Boys opened the Porcupine Creek Claim downstream cut


  • When the Hoffman Group was at the mine, it was unnamed. "Dakota" Fred named it the Jim Nail Placer Mine.