Jim Dorsey was the youngest member of the Hoffman Crew, a group of men from Oregon that go to Alaska to mine for gold. Jim became the first member to fall victim to the stress of mining with the Hoffmans. Todd Hoffman often criticized him for pointing out obvious safety hazards, preferring to leave the crew's well being in the hands of The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. When Dorsey scolded Todd's son for leaving food out, which attracted bears, Todd severely rebuked Dorsey for daring to speak up. He was with the group for over 80 days, during which time he was constantly made to feel useless and an outcast. He occasionally left the claim to go fishing for salmon so he could make extra money. This served to further alienate him from the rest of the crew. He was the only one of the crew to read the instructions on how to properly set up the Wave Table. Once it was set up and running, other "expert" crew members then proceeded to whine how it wasn't going fast enough. When they sped it up it resulted in gold being lost which they blamed on Dorsey to further alienate him. Fists flew between Dorsey and Greg Remsburg. The two snitched to the police, who did nothing to mediate the dispute. Todd did not want Dorsey to return to the claim after this incident, offering to ship his things back home for him. Dorsey ignored this request, and Todd brandished a rifle while Dorsey returned to collect his belongings. Once he was gone the crew proceeded to burn his cabin to the ground.

After the Show

After he left, Dorsey publicly claimed that he broke a rib, never got paid for the show, and stated that the entire show is scripted. However, all of these remarks have been denied by Todd Hoffman and Discovery leaving fans confused on who is correct. He planned on starring in a new show called Ghost Mine, but he never made an appearance on said show.