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Guyana is a country in South America (capital Georgetown). It is currently experiencing a gold rush in placer gold deposit mining. The most cost effective method of mining in the jungle is land dredging with mercury.

"Guyana" means 'land of many waters', and its frontiered by the rivers Cuyuni, Ireng, Courantyne, and by the Atlantic Ocean.

Gold Rush: The Jungle

The Hoffmans visited claims near Mahdia (Mahdia Claim) and in the Mazaruni River valley (Mazaruni Claim) near Alaska Landing. They chose Guyana after the producers of Gold Rush thought Honduras was too dangerous. They had been talking about Guyana for a year prior to their trip.

The best claim they visited (H-92/004) was owned not by the person they thought, but by Ed Hopkinson (Ermina Guyana Inc.).

Gold Rush: South America

The Hoffmans visit claims about Maple Creek in a paleochannel. Their first visit to the Ed Hopkinson claims results in a claimjumped area in the Maple Creek Claim that was mined out by others. Their second visit to another Ed Hopkinson claim with little gold, the Q.O.D. Claim on the Q.O.D. Creek, over the Maple Creek paleochannel. In a further in portion of the claim Fred Dodge finds good gold, but claim jumpers are mining the land. However, the claim was sold by Ed to Tony Mekdeci, so the Hoffmans license it from him.

All the effort has been for nothing. The whole operation was a failure.