"Gold at Last" is the 7th episode of Season 2 and the 17th overall. It originally aired on December 9, 2011.


With their new washplant running, the Hoffman Group runs into a new problem. The plant is filling with dirt, and gold flakes are falling off in the tailings. At the same time, Dave Turin returns to Sandy, Oregon to talk with his dad who wants him back at the quarry, but Dave promises that he will bring enough gold back to share. The Hoffmans decide to take the gold catcher out, and purchase a new one. Dave returns with his wife and questions why they're not running dirt. With Turin's help, they install the new part and find gold.

At the Porcupine Creek Claim, Fred, Dustin, and Paul begin to run their dirt. However, the rock tailings fall into the running water, and decide to sell off the old Hoffman washplant to buy a new bulldozer to keep up with the tailings.

At the Big Nugget Mine, Parker Schnabel uses a chainsaw to cut down widow makers, trees that could fall and kill miners. He then runs dirt in the virgin land, and discovers that there is little gold in that exact location.

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