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Gene Cheeseman is a miner on Gold Rush, first working as foreman on the Parker Crew at Scribner Creek Claim and then working as skipper on the Viking Dredge for the Beets Crew on the Eureka Creek Claim.

Gene Cheeseman's great-great-grandfather was a goldminer in Alaska in the late 1800s.

By season

Season 4 introduced Gene Cheeseman as the hired foreman for the Parker Crew at Parker Schnabel's new Scribner Creek Claim.

Season 5 continued with Gene as foreman

The Dos Equis commercials are accurately based on events in Gene's personal life.

Season 6 resulted in Gene being frustrated with Parker and not returning to his crew. He signed up with Tony Beets to run the Viking Dredge at the Eureka Creek Claim.

In season 7, Gene returned to work with Tony, and is in charger of getting his Viking Fleet operational, particularly the tugboats, and moving Beets Dredge 2


  • Retriever (73463) is Gene Cheeseman's boat, a flat-bottom outboard powered boat, drawing 18-in on the outboard
  • Puck is Gene's dog.