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"Game Changer" is the sixth episode of Season 3, and the 32nd overall. It originally aired on November 30, 2012.


With season 1/3rd over, the miners are finally on the gold. In Quartz Creek, Todd Hoffman calls the man making his state of the art wash plant, and discovers it will arrive in the next 5 days. With a mountain of pay dirt pilling up, the wash plant finally arrives, so the gold becomes ready to run. In Indian River, Dave Turin and Fred Dodge discover that their dirt has very little gold in it. After a talk with Todd, they decide to strip away ground a few feet at a time, until they discover they are on the gold. They discover where the gold is, and begin running. Now back on they are able to get over 30 oz of gold, putting them closer to the 100 oz they need to secure an investor.

In Porcupine Creek, "Dakota" Fred and Dustin Hurt must remove a cabin to continue mining. Upon destroying the cabin, they discover there are tailings under the cabin. Fred wants to run the tailings, but Dustin doesn't. They run them anyway, and if there is no gold, they decide not to run anymore. After the clean out, they discover more than 10 oz, meaning they will run more of the tailings.

At the Big Nugget Mine, Parker Schnabel sets a goal of 50 oz in one week. He also plans to rebuild the road to Smith Creek Hill. However problems arise when a bearing on the wash plant breaks, and a bucket of an excavator falls off. Despite these problems, Parker is able to get 55 oz in just the one week, staying true to his goal.