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"Full Disclosure" is the first special of Gold Rush that aired after the first season concluded. It originally aired on February 25, 2011.


Upon returning to Oregon, the Hoffman Crew is wrestling with their future after the Alaskan winter ended the mining season. With previously un-aired material, the crew reveals what went on behind the scenes and how they really felt about the most controversial incidents.

In this episode Jack reveals that he had a permit to cross the river, Todd tells everyone that he will be bringing his family up to alaska again next year despite his daughter's seizure, Harkness says that he had cramps for 24 hours after his legs gave out from underneath him,  the full hatred of Dorsey the entire crew held is fully shown in the destruction of his cabin, and Harkness reveals that the pain he was in was what caused him to snap on Fred. 

Fred reveals that he has bought out the Porcupine creek claim for himself and the Hoffman's go to the Yukon to find a new claim.