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"Family Feud" is the third episode of Season 2 and the 13th episode overall. It originally aired on November 11, 2011.


With "Dakota" Fred now owning Porcupine Creek, he begins to dismantle their home-made Washplant. At the same time, the Hoffman Group begin to start their new mine at the Klondike. Here, they discover how much land that they actually have to work with and begin their plan. At the same time, Parker Schnabel has problems getting his crew to listen to him.

When they attempt to flatten the ground at the Quartz Creek Claim, the Hoffman Group runs into problems. Todd and Jack Hoffman have a blowout, and Jack leaves. The next day, Jim Thurber goes to find Jack, and at the end of the day, Jack and Jim come back. Jack and Todd talk out their differences, and finish assembling their new washplant, leaving the only thing left, mining.

At the Porcupine Creek Claim, Fred and his crew assemble their new washplant, but must ask for a part from Parker at the Big Nugget Mine across the creek. Parker also earns the trust of his crew by offering them 5% of the year's gold. In the end, Fred finds more gold the Hoffmans had to abandon, and Parker finds $11,000 of gold in just his first week. The Hoffman Group ends ready to begin their digging.