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"Dozer Wars" is the 10th episode of Season 3, and the 36th overall. It originally aired on January 11, 2012.


With both of their dozers broken down, the Hoffman Crew work to fix one as both groups need it to open another cut after they both realize they have a week or less left of ground. When the mechanic fixes the D9 dozer, Todd decides to take it, much Dave Turin's dismay. Todd and his trommel maker Ray see an area a dredge had gone by, and think the tailings could contain gold that was passed over. They use the dozen, after Dave steals it back, and drill holes in the ground. They discover the ground has no gold, costing the Hoffmans money.

Meanwhile, "Dakota" Fred is beginning his day when the excavator bucket breaks. After calling in a mechanic, Fred and Dustin Hurt make a makeshift park using scraps. The bucket works, but then the wheel comes off the tracks, causing a fight between father and son about how to fix it.

At the Big Nugget Mine, Parker Schnabel is working to reach bedrock. However, this means dumping overburden, which worker Glenn feels to has gold in it. He runs a test pan and discovers there is gold, and confronts Parker, who shrugs the discovery off. Glenn talks to workers Rich and Greg, who then confront Parker. He finally decides to run the dirt, and discovers 12oz. He then apologizes to Glenn for not taking his advice earlier.