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Dave Turin, "Dozer Dave", is a quarry and mining expert and a member of the Hoffman Crew. He is one of the few members of the crew that actually knows what he is doing. He said he is 57 during the 2016 mining season (season 8: 2016-2017 TV season).

Before Gold Rush

Todd Hoffman knew Dave from Church prior to season 1. In university, Dave studied Civil Engineering, and played state-level football as a linebacker. Before season 1, he worked at his family's successful quarry.

By season

During the first season in Alaska, Turin did not mine with the group, and worked at his family's business. He was, however, brought in on a few occasions by Todd Hoffman for advice on how to fix the Hoffmans' mess ups at the Jim Nail Placer Mine. During the second season, Turin quit his family quarry and became a full-time miner with the promise to bring gold back, with the Hoffman crew, at the Quartz Creek Claim

During the third season, he ran the second claim with Greg Remsberg, Chris Doumitt for the Hoffman Crew, at the Indian River Claim. Despite having fewer members, his crew proceeded to get almost all the gold that was found for the season.

During the fourth season, he was supervisor for the gold mining effort at the Q.O.D. Claim, with Todd and Jack handling the diamond mining effort. He became frustrated and left after lack of progress, only to be convinced to come back for the end of the season.

During the fifth season, he joined the Dodge Crew at the Carmacks Claim working for wages as he did with the Hoffman Crew. In order to convince Dave to rejoin the Hoffman Crew at the McKinnon Creek Claim, Dave asks for a 50% ownership stake and Todd accedes provided Dave raises $1/2million as buy-in. Dave brings in the sum in leased equipment, dozers, several loaders, several rock trucks, excavators. It is the 6th week of the season that Dave switches from the Dodge Crew to the Hoffman Crew.

At the sixth season, he mines.

In the seventh season (2016-2017 TV season; 2016 mining season), he runs the Buckland Claim after first arriving at High Bar Placer Mine. Halfway through the mining season, Dave leaves the Hoffmans after failing to find gold. He comes back for the last third of the season after they get new ground at Fairplay Claim, and runs the Sacramento Creek Claim. At the end of the season, he has a fistfight with Trey Poulson, and resigns at the age of 57.

In the eighth season (2017-2018 TV season), Dave has left the show. A special about him is aired early in the TV season reviewing him over the course of the seven seasons he was part of. Dave was planning to return to gold mining with a Team Turin, with friends and people he trusts, and the backing of his dad.