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The Buckland Claim is located in Oregon, near the High Bar Placer Mine, except in the lowland, instead of atop the mountain, with placer deposits. Gold was discovered in 1862 by a recouperating prospector and pals who was delayed on his trip to Idaho. The Buckland was mined in the 1920s by bucket dredges, which could only reach down 20 ft. They could not penetrate a layer of large boulders below that.

By season

Season 7

Todd Hoffman and Dave Turin inspect the claim in prospect of leasing it. Dave Turin prospected the claim, and found paydirt. He was set to operate the claim as the second mine for the Hoffman Crew for season 7. To operate the mine, they moved Monster Red to the claim, from the Klondike. After failing ath the High Bar Placer Mine, all the Hoffmans moved to the Buckland Claim to revive their season. At Buckland, prospected good gold, but mining down to 50-feet did not result in good paydirt, where upon, they found out it was at the 100-ft under mark. This requires deep-pit mining, instead of shallow cuts. Thus they must dig out a switchback path for trucks, giving the Hoffmans their first deep-pit experience. Beyond 60-ft, they hit the water table, and need to pump out pits.

The Hoffmans fail at Buckland, the crew falls apart, and the remnants move on to the Fairplay Claim in Colorado with 5 weeks left in the season.