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For the washplant in Guyana and at McKinnon, see Little Red.
For the large washplant at McKinnon, see Monster Red.

Big Red is the wash plant built to the specifications of Dave Turin. It is one of the two new wash plants for season 3, for the Indian River Claim, and the other being the Turbo Trommel blue megatrommel plant for Quartz Creek Claim. It is a shaker-based washplant. The screen section was built by KPI-JCI. Big Red can handle 180yd/hr and is one of the biggest washplants in the Klondike. Big Red has a 40-ft sluice box, which is twice as long as season 2's Little Blue, and also twice as heavy. It is designed for a 15-degree slope for sluicing. Big Red cost $250,000


By season

Season 3

The washplant is new and brought to the Indian River Claim in season 3.

Season 4

After the end of season 3, Fred Dodge becomes owner of the washplant. When Little Blue breaks its shaker drive shaft, Fred Dodge rents Big Red to Parker Schnabel for use at Scribner Creek Claim in season 4.

Season 5

In season 5, Gene Cheeseman, Parker's foreman, builds hydraulic riffles for the sluice box, per orders of Tony Beets, the claim owner of Scribner, to increase gold catching ability. After multiple seasons of running, the distribution box has been worn out, and gets repaired. The distribution box distributes paydirt and sluice water into the four separate sluice runs in the sluice box. They added a computer controlled 5000 ga/min pump to solve the problem of Big Red not washing the paydirt off the tailings, along with a pre-wash spray bar.

Season 6

Scribner Creek Claim

Season 7

Parker replaced Big Red with Sluicifer at Scribner Creek Claim, and moved the washplant to the Indian River Claim, to start running a second claim.