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"Battle of the Bridge" is the fourth episode of Season 3, and the 30th overall. It originally aired on November 16, 2012.


Now with two claims running, the Hoffman Crew are ready to get gold. However, the Quartz Creek Claim still does not have a wash plant. So, Todd and his mechanic go to the man making the wash plant and give him a hand. Meanwhile, Dave Turin and his crew are beginning to run gold. In the end, a major investor comes to the claim, and is not impressed by the work, which forces Todd to come back to talk to the investor.

When Parker Schnabel discovers he needs more money to pay bills, he decides to replace bridges on Porcupine Creek for extra money. However, this will leave "Dakota" Fred and Dustin Hurt stranded on their claim. After talking to Parker and his father Roger and they agree to leave an access bridge to get out. However, Fred is put over the edge when he discovers his access bridge is a plank of wood to get across the river, he leaves with a knife to go discuss the problem with Parker.